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Published: June 7, 2017 12:00 AM


Car break-ins

Chief urges residents to take precautions: Twinsburg Police Chief Chris Noga encouraged residents to secure their keys and valuables to prevent theft, in a Facebook post last week on the Twinsburg Police Department's Facebook page..

"Most victims of theft, unfortunately create the opportunity for the theft to occur," Noga stated.

"Recently, we, as well as surrounding suburbs have experienced an unusual string of car thefts from residential neighborhoods. These thefts generally happen after midnight but have occurred as late as 5 a.m.

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"Multiple suspects arrive in a neighborhood in another stolen vehicle. Typically, the thieves are dropped off on a street and search driveways until they find an unlocked vehicle with the keys or key fob left inside. This allows the thieves to make a quick and undetectable getaway."

Det. Lt. James Scarl said several individuals, including a 14-year-old, were arrested and charged in connection with vehicle break-ins in several communities.

Noga stressed that residents can take action to reduce these crimes of opportunity.

"Please remove all valuables from your vehicles, lock your doors and take your keys when you park outside," Noga said. "If you see or hear suspicious activity during the night, please contact our communications center immediately."

Scarl agreed, saying that many of the break-ins were due to keys being left in the car or outside, where they were easy for thieves to access.

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"The target vehicles were all unlocked, and had the keys or key fob in the car our outside," Scarl said. "People do this because it's convenient, but they need to keep their keys inside their house."



No charges filed: Officers were called to the Aurora Shores area May 24 regarding a domestic incident. The caller reported a man and woman were standing outside arguing between the apartments, and that the woman was screaming for help and running around pounding on windows.

Responding officers said the woman, a 27-year-old Seven Hills resident, told police she and the male had been arguing. The man, 33, told police that she had been staying at his residence. When he dropped her off at work, he alleged that she stole his bank card. When he confronted her about it after work, she returned the card to him.

He told her she was no longer welcome at his residence and that she would need to wait outside why he collected her belongings. The woman reportedly became irate and attempted to enter his residence, which resulted in brief physical contact. Neither party reported injuries and declined to sign charges.

The woman collected her belongings and walked away from the scene.

Mutual aid provided

Department contacted by Pennsylvania PD on case:

The Reminderville Police Department was contacted May 14 by a representative from the Lower Paxton Police Department, asking the department for help in contacting a Reminderville man whose vehicle was used in connection with a stolen credit card case.

Officers contacted the man, 49, who confirmed the vehicle was his, and that his nephew and four other males used his vehicle to go to Harrisburg, Pa., to sell T-shirts at a rally during the time the stolen credit card was reportedly used.

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