Metro Parks plans stream restoration at Liberty Park's Pond Brook


by Emily Canning-Dean | Reporter

Twinsburg -- Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Metro Parks, Serving Summit County will complete a $451,900 stream restoration of Pond Brook in Liberty Park.

The Ohio EPA granted the park system $326,900 in federal funds July 24 for the work, while the park system will provide a local match of $125,000. Park commissioners hired Kent-based Davey Resource Group Oct. 30 to restore the 5,000 linear feet of Pond Brook, a key tributary of Tinkers Creek, which in turn is the largest tributary of the Cuyahoga River.

The restoration will include the installation of 1,100 tons of stone and other natural materials, and about 7,000 shrubs and trees will be planted in the stream bank. Pond Brook's flood plain will also be widened to restore runs and pools.

Mike Johnson, chief of resource management, said he hopes these upgrades will improve water quality, reduce phosphorous levels and bring wildlife -- such as fish, amphibians and birds -- back to Pond Brook.

"Right now Pond Brook is really more of a ditch than a pond, with very little wildlife in it and high levels of sediment and phosphorus," Johnson said.

Twinsburg Naturalist Stanley Stine said the park system made similar improvements to another section of the stream in 2007, and he has been very pleased with the results.

"We are seeing more diverse wildlife in that area now, it is a naturalist's dream," he said. "Further restoration will only improve the situation more. It is money well spent."

Johnson said planning and design should begin in another few weeks, and city engineer Amy Mohr will represent the city during the planning and design phase, as much of the land through which Pond Brook flows is city-owned.

"I'm basically involved so that the city knows what is going on with the land, but we trust the biologists with the Metro Parks to plan the restoration," Mohr said. "Because this project will improve water quality in Tinkers Creek, the restoration in certainly good for Twinsburg."

Restoration work should begin in about a year and the project should be complete by late 2015.


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