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Planning Commission approves four, 40-foot cell towers in city

by HEATHER BEYER | reporter Published: October 16, 2014 12:00 AM
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Twinsburg -- Cell phone reception for Twinsburg residents and business will improve, thanks to the addition of four new cell towers throughout the city.

Planning Commission approved a proposal by ACD/KEPS Technology Oct. 6 to install the four micro-cell towers in the city.

CEO of ACD.Net Kevin Schoen said that "each antenna in this network costs us over $100,000, we are making a $600,000 investment in Twinsburg."

ACD/KEPS Technology will install four 40-foot-tall micro cell towers, according to Planning and Development Director Larry Finch.

They will be on Enterprise Parkway, west of Darrow Road; East Aurora Road, just east of Canyon Falls Boulevard; near the baseball diamond at R.B. Chamberlin Middle School; and near Twinsburg Public Library on Ravenna Road.

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Finch said ACD/KEPS also proposed two other towers, on Meadowood Boulevard and Ashdale Drive, however planning commission did not approve those locations because the district is zoned residential and the towers would cause a "visual intrusion to residents."

"It's like having a small telephone pole in your front yard," Finch said. "It's not all that bad but we know that some residents would object to it. It's a little different for it to be on a street like Ravenna Road where there are utility poles already there. Residential streets have underground utilities."

Finch said the mini cell towers are "designed to provide a greater saturation of signal," allowing for better signal strength.

"Instead of big tower sticking way up in the air, they have several small towers where they are trying to get the service intensified," Finch added. "The mini cell towers will be scattered around the downtown and industrial areas of Twinsburg for economic development purposes."

Finch said that ACD/KEPS Technology can lease space on their towers to cell providers. The company would not disclose information about other networks interested in leasing such space.

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"They won't get the [tower locations] approved that we didn't approve," Finch said. "They will have to find alternate locations within their service area so there is not an imposition on the residential area."

However, Finch said the four micro cell towers that were approved will require final approval from Council. Once ACD/KEPS gets the green light from Council the project will take three months to get the new micro cell towers built and fully operational.

ACD/KEPS company spokesperson Joe Ross said company engineers are currently reviewing new locations options to propose to Planning Commission for the final two towers.

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KevinSchoen Jan 22, 2015 6:33 PM

Hi, we are underway with construction of this system for Twinsburg. Soon customers should see improved cell phone speeds. Thanks to everyone in Twinsburg for your help in reviewing our network expansion. Better wireless is coming your way soon.


Kevin Schoen


TwinsBurgTechy Oct 16, 2014 5:07 PM

This fantast investment being made in Twinsburg.  It's now one of the fast towns around.