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Letter: Today's youth are 'insensitive to feelings of others'

Published: December 20, 2012 12:00 AM

"No really, we are

not in Kansas anymore."

The events of Friday the 14th in Newtown, Conn. are a shock to every single parent, teacher and every normal person I know.

But how shocked should we really be? Are things the way they used to be? No.

To those of us over the age of, let's say, 48, go look at your high school yearbook and remember the ones we would have called "geeks, weirdos," etc. Did those persons commit violent crimes like the ones that have taken place of late? No.

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I think today's youth, in too many ways, are insensitive to the feelings of others. They see violence on TV and in video games and just think,"whatever." These are the kids of two-parent working families who don't see their parents until 6 p.m. What do the kids do from after school until the parents get home? They have total freedom of the TV, the computer and of course a chance to play video games most likely rated "M" that shouldn't be in the home to begin with.

Homework? They say they did it in school. They have free time to text their friends that they just left in school. Heaven forbid they actually speak with them on the phone! That's why kids today have little to no communication skills.

Video games, are they the problem? To a degree. But I think parents are the bigger problem. Parents allow the video games and the cell phones. And why? Because Junior nagged them to death after they came home from a long day and they just want Junior to leave them alone. Sound familiar? Those pesky kids are always a bother and get in the way of "your" me time.

Shame on you. Shame is a term we don't use anymore because we don't want to hurt Junior's feelings. Shame on me, I've done this. Shame on you if you don't change your priorities toward your kids now. The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary hope you do.

Chris Farley


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