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Letter: Hopes Twinsburg joins Hudson's pursuit of more walkways

Published: January 17, 2013 12:00 AM

I applaud the city

of Hudson for promoting bike trails throughout the area. I think it is important, not only for bikers, but to promote walking instead of heavy use of automobiles.

One area that does not seem to share the enthusiasm of its neighbors is the city of Twinsburg. Although Hudson has been extending sidewalks along state Route 91, the commercial and industrial corridor of Twinsburg is seriously lacking pedestrian and bicycle lanes. Not only does it discourage alternative means of transportation, it is extremely dangerous. In snowy weather, pedestrians and those using public transportation are forced to walk in the roadway. I have had some close calls with these pedestrians on my way to work in Twinsburg.

Solon has been very good about adding sidewalks along Route 91 and on Liberty Road, allowing for joggers and cyclists to use these trails. Unfortunately, Twinsburg has yet to provide a safe option for pedestrians or cyclists despite very heavy truck, bus and automobile traffic. Considering the large number of businesses and manufacturers in this area, tax revenue should be readily available to cover the cost of walkways on both sides of the street.

In view of the number of Hudson residents who work in Twinsburg (and beyond) and in the spirit of community development, I urge our local leaders to stress the importance of walkways along this Route 91 corridor before there is a fatality. At the very least, more of us would walk or bike to work if we weren't putting our life at risk. In the meantime, our walkways will be a "road to nowhere."

Suzanne Capannelli,


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