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Letter: Says children can get education without levy

Published: February 21, 2013 12:00 AM

I see that the

Twinsburg Board of Education has put another levy on the ballot, a permanent levy this time if it's passed in May. That means it's on the books forever and there's nothing anyone can do about it. And I know voters in this town will pass it.

I have lived here for 48 years and have seen one levy defeated. The Board put it back on the ballot and said that if people turn it down, then busing would stop -- and as usual, their tactic worked and it passed.

Now that the state has given the Twinsburg schools $2.8 million in aid and millions more the following year, they still want more money.

How much is enough?

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This Board seems to want all that voters can give them. I wish the Board would learn to live within its means and stops giving out these big wage increases. I would farm out the busing and cut out 90 percent of the lights at the high school. The schools should do more than they have to do -- why do they need four assistant principals at the high school?

I am 81 years old and it is difficult to pay my real estate taxes on my small income, and every levy that's passed I have to pay more.

My wife and I put money away just to pay the taxes, and that savings is almost gone.

I wish I could see some of these people when they're my age, wondering how they're going to pay their taxes. Remember how they got that high, as people voted for all the levies that were put on the ballot.

People don't need to pass every levy that comes out; children can still get an education without a levy. And there should be a wage freeze for teachers and administrators, as I believe they are paid too much as it is.

Carl Salsgiver, Twinsburg

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anonymous Feb 25, 2013 9:21 AM

I agree with Mr. Salsgiver the citizens of Twinsburg need to review and compare the salaries of all its employees to cities of similar size. I recently had the opportunity to read about the pay of the Suprintendent of schools for Gilbert, AZ. Gilbert is much larger and the Superintendent oversees multiple highschools as well as middle and lower grade schools. His salary has a fixed lower pay with bonuses which are based upon performance reviewed quarterly. Interestingly, his total salary for a much larger district with bonuses is approximately the same as that for the Twinsburg superintendent.

The citizens need to ask for and compare all salaries under the sunshine laws of this state to be sure we are not overpaying.