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Letter: With rezonings, Twinsburg has 'no intention' of listening to voters

Published: August 3, 2016 12:00 AM


Author: With rezonings, city has no intention of listening to voters

I would like to comment on the decision by Twinsburg City Council to

place the rezonings of two city-owned parcels of land at the northeast corner of Glenwood and Darrow roads back on the ballot for change to Residential-5 cluster home zoning.

Voters from the area voted "no" on this issue March 15 and city officials attributed this defeat to not properly educating voters on the issue.

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I'm sorry to say but us voters fully understand the issue and we are against more congestion coming into the area of the new roundabout, which we did not get a chance to vote for or against.

It's too bad our city officials don't give us credit for knowing the issues; after all we voted them into office. Maybe they are right; we don't fully understand what we're voting for.

Now that we've told City Council that we don't want to rezone the parcels to R-5, its members seem to have no intention of listening to constituents, as they decided to put it back on the ballot because they want to build a new golf clubhouse.

Aren't city officials nominated and voted into office to react to the wishes of the people?

Once again the new Twinsburg mayor and Council members aren't listening to the people. The only difference this time is they will continue to bring it back on the ballot until they tire us out, whereas the last mayor and Council forced the traffic roundabout on us in spite of the voters telling them how we felt at town meetings.

Ray Dombrosky, Twinsburg

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Citizen_Auditor Aug 8, 2016 8:20 AM

Excellent ideas and well thought out. It is amazing how elected representatives forget that the governed, govern with our vote. No means No! The Mayor and Councils failure to plan or inform the voters is a sign of arragance and dysfunctional organization. A no vote sends a message that your plans were rejected, either go back to the drawing board and present new ideas/plans or let it be.

If the elected elite would simply have Town Hall meetings and take what the voters say seriously and then govern with conviction rather than power brokering deals; Twinsburg could move forward and confront the looming financial crisis due to deficit spending by Mayor and Council.

Loren Sengstock