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Letter: Questions Gleneagles Golf Course club house project

Published: September 28, 2016 12:00 AM

Who are we

actually building this the Gleneagles Golf Course club house for? Why does the mayor and a few Councilors want this club house so bad? Seems very pricey and unnecessary for most residents, or will it be built for the rest of Northeast Ohio to enjoy? Mayor states if no profit is made, no big deal, it's not like a business. Really?

The reason there is no other facility like it around as it's a loser from the get go. The city is already supplementing (above what's already budgeted) to the course to the tune of $372,000 and states that will continue and will rise. Most golf courses in Ohio never break even to support themselves because of our limited seasons. What happens in a rainy season? More supplements? Taxpayers are already $400,000 in the hole for design costs and now mayor proposes more? Our city budget must be very healthy to afford such luxuries.

The voters already spoke once to not rezone city land to be sold to only partially offset the sky high cost of this project. I hope voters again see and reject the notion of paying for these unnecessary luxuries again. Although I could be wrong as the golf course could use a lavish building so that the newly installed $1 million water line gets more use!

Gary Laurenzi,


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Citizen_Auditor Oct 2, 2016 6:02 PM

There are 12,000 +/- voters in Twinsburg. The Mayor and Mr. Furey want each voters to cough up $500 each to just build this boondoggle, then they want each voter to pay $50 dollars annually in SUBSIDIES so the golfers can have a lunch on the taxpayers.

If you can't do it for everyone, you shouldn't do it for anyone. The other restaurants in town need to get in on these taxpayers subsidies also.

When is the City going to get into low income/rent subsidies for the elderly in town, perhaps they should be some apartment complexes while there at it?

Loren Sengstock, Citizen Auditor/Retired Finance Director