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Letter: Twinsburg schools 'excellent' despite recent state scores

Published: October 12, 2016 12:00 AM


Twinsburg schools 'excellent' despite recent test scores

School district report cards recently came out and

at first glance, Twinsburg schools don't look that great. Dig deeper.

Twinsburg schools may not be perfect, but they are excellent. Last year's PARCC tests and this year's AIR tests have never been scientifically validated to show they actually measure what they say they do. In fact, standardized tests have only been proven to reliably measure the socioeconomic status of a community.

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In the past few years, tests, curriculum and standards have been changed several times. The Ohio Department of Education is using flawed data and calculations. It is difficult for any school district to show top scores in that climate.

Some will argue that surrounding school districts were able to achieve high scores. True, but what is their focus and economic status? While I believe that Twinsburg has been forced to spend too much time on test preparation, I am thankful that it isn't their only focus.

I am thankful that our district still gives priority to art, music, physical education and many other subjects that cannot be measured on a standardized test. There is so much more involved for a child to be college and career ready than learning how to take a test.

These tests will not help our children succeed. Nor will the next wave of corporate education "reform," where each child is issued an iPad or Chromebook so they are tracked, assessed and data mined with every keystroke.

The solution lies in addressing poverty, proper school funding and allowing teachers to teach. Twinsburg teachers: you are rock stars! You do so much every day for our children that no test or report card will ever show. You are appreciated, and thank you.

Karen Turner, Twinsburg

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