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Levy passed due to community apathy, not support

Published: May 17, 2017 12:00 AM

Only 12 percent of registered voters in the Twinsburg School District voted Yes on May 2. 11 percent voted No. Hardly broad community support. But, the other 77 percent of you mostly apathetic residents will have to pay the huge tax increase, too. Starting in January, your real estate tax bills will increase by about 20 percent.

How did this happen? The schools ran a very quiet, stealth campaign. Almost no publicity, other than one-sided stories planted in the Bulletin highlighting their non-existent financial woes. There were a few, recycled yard signs citing former excellent test results.

With all the tax money rolling into the already flush school treasury, school administrators and teachers will be able to count on further increases in their pay and benefits to improve their standard of living. This, as the standard of living of taxpayers decreases.

As a good citizen, I wrote detailed letters to the Editor of the Bulletin in February, March and April questioning the need for the levy. But, no one else did much of anything, including not showing up to vote. The levy passed by fewer than 200 votes, and could have been easily defeated.

What can you do now besides complain? You can refuse to pay your taxes. But, that will bring penalties and an eventual lien on your property by the County. You can move, but that is really expensive. Or, you can resolve now to get involved and plan to oppose the three renewal levies coming up in the next few years. Although the schools will cry that they are going broke as usual, they probably won't need all that money then either. Remember, bad things happen when good people do nothing.

Jerry Polster,


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Citizen Cain May 17, 2017 10:19 AM

That 77% have nobody to blame but themselves. Apathy is no excuse. That many registered voters NOT voting is PATHETIC.

With such a low turnout, that's how incredulousness happens. Look what happened at the Election in November !