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Published: May 24, 2017 12:00 AM

Says roundabouts have zero benefits

I have had enough of hearing about these roundabouts and any benefits they may or may not have. They have none! The thought of having everyone having to slow down and look to their left when they enter the intersection is ludicrous. Very few people know to do that.

Three times now I have been at the Glenwood Drive and the Route 91 intersection and watched people in the intersection wave someone on. That is not what you should do! People just don't know.

Why does anyone think that slowing down at a roundabout versus stopping at a light is a better option? If you've gone through the 91/Glenwood intersection, you've seen those red lights on the posts. What the heck are those for? They have never been on.

This article lists many accidents. What a surprise. This is not Europe! We have a greater volume of cars here.

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Some of our local politicians were handed a bill of goods about roundabouts and they need to pay the price for this. Walking through Meadowood Drive and polling people should have been the death of this concept. In addition, what the heck is the purpose of putting a roundabout at Meadowood, which is a quarter-mile away from Glenwood?

Wake up, people.

These politicians are running amuck. Why? What is the benefit of screwing up our roads? If a reduction in truck traffic is the goal, then pay for some signs that say "no trucks."

I think that's cheaper.

Chris Farley, Twinsburg

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